Akademi Fantasia

Eh everybody was really fallen head over heels in love with this TV program called Akademi Fantasia [AF] ho! Hehe and those Incenplus staffs as well.. Just count on them!!! Esp this chick called Khalil Akashah B Ishak hehe!!! Well orait, I admit that I like AF ok but I don’t act childishly like those fanatic fans likely Khalil. If u want them to write an article now, these are the things that I really feel like to speak out and of coz to be seen. For those molokian and oldrockers u may ask what the hell is diz Akademi Fantasia. K it was actually a TV program in astro broadcast which is a Fantasy Singing Academy with 12 students to begin with. It’s sort of a reality tv product that kicks off a student every week after a concert if they get the lowest votes through SMS. Lame, right? Yep. Well, I never voted, because I don’t want to waste good money. And each vote will cost me 50 sen, PLUS another 20 for normal SMS cost. Well, the one who got kicked out before final was nana dat I really like her the most among those lamers and nobody believed it. Neither did I. She’s a survival and she sang quite well esp when comes to Pop song. Everyone was so skeptical to the point that even the sissy host Aznil checked and rechecked the name to make sure he called the right one. Well. It shows once again how unfair life can be. This is no Amazing Race, where your own mistakes cost you your place. This ain’t no Extreme Measures, where the weakest go. This is not even Survivor, where your own characteristics get you voted out. This is a petty, spiteful discriminating game where the family/friends who vote for you most will ensure you stay in there. And what of those who didn’t get votes? They can’t make it. Tasteless. TASTELESS. THE WHOLE BLOODY GIMMICK IS TASTELESS. Well, nana my girl, I love u so much andI thought you were good enough to make it to the 5. I absolutely thought it was Liza or Sahri because they both weren’t as good and as pretty as well but…well. You’re one tough brat…as you say, Fine! Their lost! FINE!.


~ by Taufiq Lazyduck on September 1, 2003.

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