Nice conversation between two bastard stafs in ICP. Sadal n Farid, the loving couple.

Sadal: If u pinjam money from somebody lah kan.. then u dun want to pay back.. u should u do?

Farid: Based on my esperiencesss la kan, these are d best advice to survive.

1. When people knock your door don’t open it, let them break it.

2. Because of the new situation I know it’s very hard to get work, so i build special web site, with my brotha… office place, special billboard for work, live in, live out and daily work. So, when you are registered people can find you to give you work anytime, anyplace all over the country, and you don’t have to wait in the corner of the street in lorong haji taib there to find work and have big risk the pemiutang catch you. We do for you all the work to find special work like you request. The registration is very simple – ask the webmaster Mr Khalil akashah B Ishak for further information, he’s my beloved lil brotha…

3. Don’t go with a lot of baggage in your hand, you need to be free to run.

4. Always keep one luggage with necessary things until you go home.

5. Make one friend for yourself and give him all the details and the important things so when catch by the police he/she can continue your life and bring you everything what belongs to you. Kak Nurlin in ICP is best recommended.

6. Try to send your entire money home. Take your money from the bank and send it any place you can trust.

7. All the valuable things you have at home sell it for any price’ because when catch by the pemiutang they will take all your belonging.

8. If you are sick take your medicine and the telephone of your doctor.

9. If you work in Maju Junction. Try to go to your work place with taxi driver.

10. Don’t walk alone during the night.Or don’t go to work!

11. When the pemiutang catch you, it’s not the end of the world. Think reasonably and I’m sure the future is great for you.

12. Your bag should contain your personal belongings like toothbrush, soap, toilet tissue, towel, few shirts, few pants, under wear, socks, sanitary napkin, Tele-card, pen, address book.

Good luck friends, i’d had a lots of tips to be given away, call me, ok, I’m Faridah Ishak!!!


~ by Taufiq Lazyduck on September 9, 2003.

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