My Weekend

What an eventful weekend it was.. We lunch at maju junction enjoyed our teppanyaki meal with kak mama (mak ucu?) kak norl, and of koz and khalil.. i guess its like the last good meal before kak mama’s leaves on tuesday but then unfortunately.. or maybe fortunately.. the event was cancelled due to minor election in sabah… what a !~@#$%^&*()_ story for us… we had lots of teppan and teri and .. and.. and drinks la… i had the solmon teppan set, a creamful california roll and solmon teri… it was too much for me man… i was struggling to finish up the teppan towards the end cos the taugeh was really masin… just too lucky for me cause i was accompanied by khalil.. he can really finished all my baki saki.. heheh

then we walked around maju junction lor and shopped for some nonsense sweets and ice cream for our work place… and right after work.. we went to lot 10, sg wang and places nearby la, 1st we went to jalan jalan at sg wang… spent quite a bit of time at outfit stores where mama bought some levis and Ts for le tour de borneo… after that went to kedai roti and i started discussing how much i should get from my parents to support me during their uni lives with khalil… i don’t think we came up with any good ideas for a proposal to my parents.. heh

then we headed to lot 10 hawker centre for dinner…. i had the most un-satisfactory sizzling wat ver chicken rice ever…. if there was any recommendations for suckiet sizzling rice… this stall at lot 10 hawker centre would get my vote. but nonetheless i finished up most of the chicken but left the soup and rice uneaten. yucks.. i rather having another teppan meal lah.. for desert.. i bought some sushi and honey dew.. but mostly sweept by kak mama cause i was really full by the time..


~ by Taufiq Lazyduck on September 14, 2003.

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