Yesterday was pretty good cos i had the day off from work. I started on my project to make my computer dual-bootable… (read: having 2 operating systems on a computer) with windows 2003 and XP professional. but one thing led to another and soon i kinda messed up my system… so i backed up all my data, mp3 files and porn videos and stared to reformat teh entire system.

Took about an hour to get windows xp pro installed and all the user accounts set up.. followed by a lot of reinstallation of all my software.

The infamous penggodam in sentul mr eru got the car later on and picked me up for supper at sri hartamas. thought to invite khalil but i forgot his number already.. but plz.. the lamp chop was super yummy… the 4 of us had 4 RM12.90 chicken and lamp chop… followed by soya bean milk and you char kway at the famous sri hartamas place. i dunno why its famous… the soya bean milk wasn’t even nice to drink and the you char kway were just too oily…

but still it was fun… we hadn’t had supper in a while so it’s just nice to chill out and do our favourite thing (eating), my brotha paid for eat.. of koz am happy lah…

eh i tot i’m suppose to round the moto so at PWTC with khalil? hehe forget it la.. since we were so bz with our godamming stuffs… hahahha


~ by Taufiq Lazyduck on September 15, 2003.

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