No I did not crash, so don’t jump into conclusions and think I’m some cacated driver. Well even if I am a little cacated, I have every right to be. I am afterall a newbie.

So I drove my brotha’s to UM for the first time last thursday. One astagfirullah experience I tell you. I couldn’t sleep the night before because I was so excited that I was actually gonna drive to school. Fikirlah, he never allow me to do so but my reason was too strong this time. It felt surreal. The whole idea of me driving to uni seemed a little weird. The picture of me in a car in the driver’s seat actually driving seemed really distorted (yeah that’s what my brotha said) and I can’t help but agree.

When I sat on the driver’s seat that morning I felt a sense of power. I felt sooo in control. It’s like I’m responsible for moving this big piece of metal and I can move it anywhere I want. I’m holding the steering. I steer when I feel like turning and I brake when I feel like stopping. It’s such a great feeling. The feeling of being in control. Yeah. I like that. So I drove to my uni without any mishaps. I stayed in my car for a few minutes smiling to myself like some mad old man. So I got out of the car and when I pressed the green button to lock my car…oooohhhhh….the feeling is indescribable. The contentment, the joy, the pride! It’s like all the good feelings jumbled up into one!

Once in class b4 my paper start, I couldn’t resist telling everyone I know that I drove to campus. I so wanted to share my joy with everyone but I guess I wound up irritating them instead. Eheheheheh I can see why. I would be irritated too if I were them. I went on non-stop bout my brotha’s car and I even showed them those car keys. I was so perky I could practically float if it weren’t for Newton’s Law of Gravity. Ahhhhhhhhhhh………the joy.

By the time my exam ended, almost everyone I know knew I drove to uni. Bwahahahahahahaha! I promised one of my friend I’ll give her a lift back home. Later two more friends came into the picture. The idea of driving my friends home was pretty exciting and I didn’t mind playing chauffeur for a day. In fact I was totally put of mind coz my paper wuz suckssss… Anyway I ended up driving four friends back home .I was suppose to drive this guy friend back home and driving him back home was one of the freakiest experience ever. The route to his house was so narrow and there were so many cars, and idiot motorcyclists and ‘P driver’ bullies!

I even got sworn at! $@%!#$@@!#@#!?!!@. Nevertheless I brought all four of them back home in one piece, me myself included. =]=]=]=]=]=] *cackle*

Yeah I’m proud of myself. This is only my 4th attempt driving the car and yet I’ve already successfully driven four peeps back home safely (okay that sounded a little wrong) and not a single scratch on me car. =D

This is good. A very good start. I don’t know anybody who gave 4 people a lift back home on their first time driving to school. I’m good. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. They’re safe. Thank God they’re safe. Phew! Thank God I’m safe!

My brotha gave me a lecture a few minutes later when I went to bangsar, simply to buy him some food and of koz my juadah buka puasa . =(. Actually he was quite upset that I drove to unfamiliar grounds. Heck it was a longggggg lecture and I felt really guilty. He even said he might not lemme drive to my uni anymore.. anytime,you know what, I actually felt glad. Driving is kinda stressful. Especially when you’re a newbie. So few minuted later when I stepped into my car after I bought the nasi ayam BAGUZZZZ, a stupid car crash with mine and gosh, the bumper become penyet!!! Luckily I’m still alive but the car, astagfirullah, it was erhhhhh… then my heart goes bang bang boom! Die.. and the end of the story.. my oh my… my money goneeeeeee…. I called my brotha and asked him to call to kak Mama.. and.. and…

And.. my RM… ohh my RM…..



~ by Taufiq Lazyduck on November 18, 2003.

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