Mak aih 2004 already? Eh before that, happy new year guys and wish u guys good luck in future undertaking. Time just flew u know… time will just passes u by if u lay idle and do nothing ok. Better check that new year’s resolutions u made not that long ago. I didn’t make any for the past few years. No use of it pun. Tak ‘versertai’ langsung. Just take life as it comes. But then again of coz I do have dreams, aspirations, wish lists but those can’t be made to resolutions though.

OK I ponteng kerja again today, and I spent my eve with my makcik’s family in PJ, Ailee has grown and looked healthy again. She was not well a few months back coz a vet in Penang gave a wrong drug prescription to him. Luckily it’s not fatal. We head to Midvalley for a movie and dinner at noon, oh bayangkan you gonna watch movie with ur makcik sendiri, apa lagi seperti biasa, I’ll sleep as usual. Hehe! Again, it’s LOTR – The return of the king. Rasanya they all really enjoyed it… had dinner at the All Stars Sports Cafe right after that. Initially, we thought of going to Chilis but there were just too many people. The food in All Stars are delicious and ‘versertai’ as well. But not many people goes there which was surprising. Their pricing was not bad either. Our bill came up to about RM270. ‘Versertai’ kan? Wakakaka.. jangan jeles la Kak Sara!!! I had their vanilla milk shake which was heavenly. We had their Cajun Wedges as starters. I opt for their Salmon Steak and Terry had Chicken Sandwich. Umphhh sedap!!

Eh lupa nak show off my ‘versertai’ new nokia. Midvalley’s price for that phone was cheaper then Sg Wang I guess, I also bought a Bluetooth device and a new CD burner for my other brother in Sarawak. BUT. I have to go back to the shop because the bluetooth driver was not included in the CD. And I need to get a cable with a jumper for the burner, too. As expected lah! I know something will go wrong. Penipuan harga here and there. ‘What u see is not what u get!!!’ Already lali. Last time I bought a network card, it couldn’t work with the modem Streamyx folks gave me. So I have to buy another one from this guy who does house calls to fix your PC. Yeah, of course I can take the bloody thing back to the shop and either ask for a refund or replacement, but it’s rather troublesome lah. I’m trying not to make life difficult for me, thank you very much.

Erm I think my brotha’s head over heels with Norlin lah. He dare to called her up and said Selamat Tahun Baru while I’m busy personalizing my phone! Chis budak tak guna, Norlin already can become his mum already lah!! Now I’m having a headache. It’s either because terlalu banyak makan and cakap. Selamat tahun baru kak sara yang ‘versertai’ hahahah… Damn cute lass here. Ok la, nak tidur already. As’kum!


~ by Taufiq Lazyduck on December 31, 2003.

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