Juara Lagu

Eh forgot to quote something about juara lagu few days ago here. We still talk about it in office with mazian and liz. Wakakaka… gila glamer betul la. I really shouldn’t forgot this so important event for the whole year!!!So how did u guys found the AJL18? To who am i decicated this question to? Khalil sure didn’t watch. and Sara as well. U guyz? I meant those unkown viewers here. But i still desire to write soemething regarding that ok. Hehe privately, I think it was ok, well, kind of emmm… donno? Just that, it could do with a little less of Sarimah’s high-pitched screams, and Aznil could lose the multiple headbands (which he did at the last bit, but I suffered in agony before). I’m not going to go into intricate details over what happened throughout the show, because of the poor-quality view using my housemate smallllllllll TV. Aduhhh.. u can imagine how koroks was that!! Am I happy with the results? Well, Ezlynn won Pop Rock? Err big hairdo and orangey outfit? Hmmm personally, I thought Exist’s ‘Percayakan Siti’ with the retro wig and bouncy dancers were more fun and poppish. Wahida’s ‘Wassini’ with the fire-breathing dancers might look more authentic, if they were to wear something else other than white t-shirts and blue jeans. Misha Omar’s winning ballad ‘Bunga-Bunga Cinta’ was nicely done, which merited her winnings. Damn it, i must say i’m that fallen head over heels in love with Misha.

The great Siti Nurhaliza, Mazian’s fav surprisingly, looked funky, and the rapping part was a little cheesy, but, it was something different, other than what I’m normally accustomed to watching whenever Siti comes on the screen. Noraniza Idris did not disappoint by filling up the stage as everyone predicted she would and who could forget Mas Idayu’s mike-holding stance at the beginning of her song?.oh no, this is sounding more like a review where the reviewer practically slagged off everyone hahhaha ok, ok, I think it’s a noble thing for TV3, using the funds they made for charity..it explains the venue of AJL18, which I was kind of against (heh, kalo u against pun, bukannye diaorang will change..hellooo??)

I love the part where all the invited entertainers did their bit..i mean, the vocalist from Metalasia (correct me if I’m wrong here..) and Amok singing to Tiada Lagi Cinta?!! Delicious!! And Ella singing dangdut songs?? When pigs flew! Well, some pigs must have sprouted some wings and did just that, cuz Ella actually sang Rindu and Selamat Jalan Romeo!! And don’t you just love the blue kebaya Siti Sarah wore with the terjongket sarong by Rizalman? h a lil bit weird dowg siti sarah sing tradisional song using her R&B style! So the winner among should give to Adibah Noor and Dayang Nurfaizah i think… they were freat!!!

Ok, enough of AJL18 today is the day where my brotha, my punkerz frenz and I took a much deserved break to watch the show and put our feet up? Why?? Hehehe… syyyy.. Okla u guyz.. Chalos..


~ by Taufiq Lazyduck on January 2, 2004.

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