I Like It This Way

I write like no other. I will hate you sometimes. I love it when poeple tell me im gorgeous. I have amazing hands. I tell people I love them too much. I sing in the shower. You can call me, speak up and say something intresting, and I’ll call you back sometimes. I like to look at myself in a mirror. I like to see what I want to see. I love sushi so much. Ihave never been to thailand like you guys. I know what it feels to cry for an hour. I contradict myself. I will be secure one minute, insecure the next. I am probably smarter than you. I like nice skin with and cute faces. I am intense. I dont like to wear boxer. I talk fast sometimes. I sleep in a big bed. I want to kiss you eyelids. I dont know what I want yet. I like my short trendy. All my subject lines are lyrics from songs. I overthink things. I like to be loved. My lips are hot. I like sex. I am honest. I can unwrap a starbust with my tongue. I am a happy person. I notice litte things. I’m afraid of falling in love. I’m not a social climber. I hate when people underestimate me because of my age. I want to get into your head. I wear the collars on my shirts up. I like myself. a lot. I’m not afraid to dance in the street. I know how to use chopstick. I like talking about myself. I want you to touch me. I dont eat breakfast. I get hurt easily. I’m procrastinate. I mean ecxactly like what I say. I’m a bad speller. I like the way my shadow looks when i pass by a street lamp. I will see right through you. I want to have children. I’m not tall. Don’t expect too much from me. I am a sucker of a collarbones. My eyes say a lot. I like people who aren’t afraid to talk about sex.


~ by Taufiq Lazyduck on March 2, 2004.

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