“… let us stop and think for awhile now. imagine you are walking down orchard road one day, licking tht 25cent ice cream cone and suddenly right smack in front of ya, a pair of very masculine individuals hold hands, embracing each other jez like any loving couple. would it question your very beliefs? or would you simply give em a second look and dismiss the act? from my point of view, the typical singaporean stud wud be hoohah-ing in front of skool abt the pair of guys.. or so-called guys.. hahah.. sigh.. i jez cant comprehend what goes on in the crannies of homos all round the globe.. ”

a 16 y/o boy said these in his blog named expressing the unexpressed. I never wish to say these but a 16 y/o boys draw my attention regarding the topic!!!

I’m gonna tell you about my disturbing, disgusting and actually quite scary encounter with a gay bastad! Few days ago my friends and I played bowling in Pertama Complex and I needed the toilet. So I went to the nearby (unfortunately public) toilets to go to the toilet. My friends waited outside. On the way in I noticed a malay guy with a helmet in hand looking around suspiciously. I knew you could find quite a few gay people around there as it was a toilet but I thought this dude was just waiting for someone. How wrong I was, while I was doing what you are supposed to do in a toilet I noticed the malay dude come in and stand beside me on the pee tray. He seemed to be going for a piss, so I was still unaware of his intentions. Then he started to move towards me slowly, so I looked at him (just a glance AT the FACE nowhere else!!!) to see he was grinning at me and then he winked. I was sort of aware of his intentions and moved away from him (I was still pissing). This is the worst bit he then turned to me and removed one hand from his dick and pointed at it. He was not pissing BUT masturbating his shrimp like penis. I instantly looked away feeling slightly sick. So I finished quickly and ran out to meet my friend at the entrance who had also noticed the dude’s behaviour and had come to see if he was doing anything to me. (This friend is the kind of person who would laugh at me while I am being ass raped). However after running out of the door I almost forgot about it so I am typing it up now because I am bored. Fucking hell what a bastad. The toilet had a few other people in it who did not seem to notice.

Come on lamerz all around me. If you’re bastad a homo, then run out of my life, and my blog as well. Stop sending me stupid email asking ‘can we be friend? u’re looking hot’ or something using ur nick Mohd something something. I LIKE GALS ok… I now hate gay people and am willing to pay for someone to shoot a gay bastad of their choice. Hopefully it will be published in a paper or NTV 7 or whatever they called. GAY people do not deserve rights. Ban Gay Activists and KILL HOMOS!!! They are HORRIBLE this is why I now hate them. No respect for BASTAD. Homos’ bastad!!!

Stop telling me Jangan diskriminasi orang orang sedemikian kerana mereka juga God’s creation but think about it once again. Tuhan tidak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum melainkan sesuatu kaum itu ingin merubah nasib mereka sendiri!


~ by Taufiq Lazyduck on March 8, 2004.

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