Jac is the first Malaysian Idol

Dari lebih daripada 10,000 ribu orang insan yang ingin bergelar ‘the first Malaysian Idol’, Jac dengan konsistensi yang tiada tolak tandingannya menyerlah pada 9 dan 10 Oktober lalu sekaligus melayakkan beliau bergelar Malaysian Idol yang sulung. Saingan terhebat beliau Dina seakan menyerah kalah lebih awal apabila pada Malam Grand Finale Final show hanya mampu memberikan persembahan ala kadar melalui lagu Gemilang, Jelingan Manja dan Hit’em up style dari Blu Cantrel.

Dari Official Website of Malaysian Idol:

After spellbinding performances the night before, the songs, ‘Tunggu Sekejap’, ‘When I fall in Love’ and ‘Gemilang’ sealed Jac’s destiny as a thoroughly deserving winner and the Idol everybody wanted.

Ever since her ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’ audition song in Kuala Lumpur, Jac has been noted as a potent force within the competition. While some camps were divided over whether she deserved to even be in the competition due to her experience in the club singing land and a self-produced and much under-publicized album, there were others who saw her undeniable raw talent, and stuck with the bubbly, vocal powerhouse throughout.

Surviving two bottom three positions in the Spectaculars, she pushed herself, giving it her all in the weekly competitions, before finally unleashing a superb rendition of Alicia Keys’ ‘If I ain’t got you’ in the final Spectacular, to grab her place in the Top 2, with JB cutie, Dina.

And now, Jac has defied her critics to take her place in Malaysian television history. Garnering a whopping 76 percent of the vote with nearly 1 million SMS piling in, Jac was the choice of Malaysia.

With a BMG recording contract about to begin and hopefully a wonderful career ahead, this is the Kepong babe’s time. Look out for more on Jaclyn Victor, the first Malaysian Idol, very soon!

Kata Fiqarash: Nikki dan Rinie juga pilihan saya. Sayangnya mereka tersingkir lebih awal. Pilihan Top 3 saya sebenarnya ialah Jac, Nikki dan Rinie selepas melihat sesi audition. Anyway, tahniah Jac. Untuk video klip MI, anda dijemput ke Kreees

~ by Taufiq Lazyduck on October 11, 2004.

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